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Born in the border town of El Paso, Texas, a mostly Spanish speaking town due to its location and deep roots in the Mexican culture
able to speak the native tongue of his “own people” Ric James had to learn fast that diversity’s unwanted racist head could be met
and combated with comedy. He draws his humor in the fact that our differences no matter what race can be told in a humorous way
Chappelle. Since the fall of 2009, Ric James has been hitting stages gathering material from all aspects of life and building his
personal arsenal of jokes to unleash on audiences all over northern California as well as starting to tour the west coast in late 2011.
Furthermore, he gives credits to Slam Poetry which he has been doing for just over 14 years now, that has given him his stage
presence. Even though Ric has only been doing comedy for a little more than five years it is undeniable that he is transforming
comedy in his own backyard so to speak (Central Valley) where he unfortunately calls home. As both a promoter and comic Ric
James understands that comedy is an art form  and the honest truth is just as in real life only the top 10% really make any financial
gain and that most comics pay out of their own pocket to entertain crowds. With that said, Ric James is rapidly gaining ground
knowing that the importance of hard work and self promotion is the only way to turn a profit in the entertainment business.  
Furthermore, in 2011, Ric James started promoting his own shows in various cities throughout northern California and also in
Washington State. He has been a weekly host at one of the major comedy clubs, Tommy T’s, in the Bay Area which has now turned
into a monthly Ric James Presents Show that has ran continuously for over 40 months. Ric continues to find new venues to deliver
his ever growing accumulation of jokes as well as align himself with some of the funniest comics in today’s game. Over the past few
years Ric James has gotten the opportunity to work with such comics as: Willie Barcena, Paul Rodriguez, Steve-O, Tom Green, Daryl
Wright, Mark Curry, John Witherspoon, Tony Rock, Faizon Love, JB Smoove George Lopez and of course
Charlie Murphy.

Resident Of:
Northern Cal (The Valley)
I know what your thinking...and it's true.
(562) 607-8266
Have your people call my people!


You're on it!


I can be booked for any of the following:
night clubs, parties, comedy clubs, Bar mitzvahs,
quinceaneras, social events, private parties, corporate events
and/or a comedy roast.
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